"Best Feature Screenplay"

Other Worlds Sci-Fi Festival

Paper Street Pictures

Dream Machine

In an attempt to fix his debilitating sleep paralysis, reclusive inventor Miles Decker has developed a machine that allows one to control their dreams. As a new relationship ensues, his dependency on this DREAM MACHINE begins a violent downward spiral blurring the lines of reality and sanity.

Miles is coaxed into attending a party by long time friend Anton, a successful Entrepreneur, celebrating his most recent business venture. After slipping away from the crowded party, Miles meets Whitney, a beautiful and driven reporter looking for her big break. Miles uses the Machine to get closer to Whitney, but when a seemingly genuine mutual interest develops, motivations quickly become questioned and a desperate love triangle between Miles, Whitney and his invention manifests.

After a mysterious technology conglomerate approaches Miles with an offer to buy the Dream Machine and fund his continuing research, Miles insists the machine isn’t ready and could be misused in the wrong hands. As Miles’ reliance on his invention grows, his sanity begins to slip with each moment he is away from the machine, damaging him and those close to him.

With his relationship crumbling, buyers hounding him, and increasing bouts of paranoia, the line between the dream world and reality is quickly blurred and takes a violent turn for the worse. Miles’ desperation leads him back to the only therapy he knows ... the DREAM MACHINE.

Director: Aaron B. Koontz
Writers: Aaron B. Koontz, Farrell Rose, Cameron Burns
Producers: Aaron B. Koontz, Cameron Burns, Alex Euting
Genre: Science Fiction - Thriller
Format: 5K HD, Color
Expected Length: 95 Minutes
Project Status: In Development
Pre-Production: 3 Weeks
Production: 4 Weeks
Post-Production: 16 Weeks
Shooting Location: Santa Fe, NM, Baton Rouge,
LA or Hamilton, OH
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